Hi, I’m Jeremy. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my lovely wife, three adult children, and two totally spoiled dogs. I work in IT, create various content on the side through Phoenix Risen Industries, and enjoy reading and long walks in the woods.

While this site was originally just about foods I enjoyed cooking, in December of 2021 I went into cardiac arrest and as a result have to eat a low sodium diet and cut alcohol out, so I’ve changed this site over to focus on low sodium foods and THC infused foods and mocktails.

I didn’t grow up cooking. I didn’t even hang out it in the kitchen watching my mom cook. The first meal I ever tried to cook was for my (now) wife in my freshman year of college. It was also when I learned you had to boil macaroni noodles before putting them in a “casserole” (read: uncooked macaroni and frozen bagged vegetables in this case).

However it happened, I now like cooking. I’ve been told I’m decent at it, had a few folks ask for recipes, and needed a new hobby. So, welcome to Cooking with Jeremy.

One thing to note is that I try to cook lowish carb, so you’ll see a lot of substitutes that you might not be familiar with. I’m trying to make a note when you can use something else as well. Leave a comment if you have a question.

If you’re so inclined, you can stalk me on Twitter and Instagram as well.